New Year, New Book!

Ten years on from his first foray into publication, my good friend Mike Cougill has produced a new e-book: The Modelling Conversation

I have left a review, but I repeat it here verbatim.

This book is about solving problems. Or rather one single problem: what you want out of the hobby. Not what do you think other people think you should get out of the hobby, just you.
And despite being about you solving your problems, it offers you absolutely no solutions. None at all. But it does ask you some simple questions:
1) What Crossroad Have You Reached?
2) What Commitment Will You Make?
3) Is This Layout Worth Building For Me?
That’s it: three simple questions, and no simple recipe for success.
What it does do, and do exceptionally well, is share with you the author’s thoughts and path of thinking that led him to these three questions, and to how he is answering them.
It also shares his thoughts about how we can fit our hobby into the rest of our life, particularly when the time comes for us to go and play with the great train set in the sky.
The author quotes a Friend of mine:
“The modeller is central to the modelling.”
This book isn’t about problems at all: it’s about YOU!

You will enjoy if you visit!

2 thoughts on “New Year, New Book!

  1. allegheny1600

    Hi Simon,
    This sounds like a very deep philosophical read, I wonder if the author is becoming like Iain Rice with some of his writings?
    Sounds great, anyway I shall treat myself, thanks.

    1. Simon Post author

      I think Mike’s thinking is in a different frame to Iain’s somewhat cod philosophising.
      Certainly less didactic and much more Socratic.

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