Modelling The EWJR in S

This is effectively the home page for, well, modelling the EWJR in S. As such, it has the facility to use the blog functionality of WordPress for discussion via comments at the end, and in between, various links (not all active as yet – give me time, and your patience and don’t hold your breath, either) to specific topics, some of which may appear first as blog posts (otherwise, the site doesn’t appear in any search engines!)

It has to be admitted that if you want to model something as obscure as the East and West Junction Railway in 1893 (or any period) then you may as well do it in a little-practised scale. Conversely, if you want to model in S, you may as well chose an obscure prototype!

You can ask why EWJR, and you can ask why S: the short answer is, “‘Cos I like ’em.” And that’s probably the long answer, too!

Why S?

Why the EWJR?

Perhaps there is more joy to be held in simply liking something rather than explaining it, and with that in mind, I shall analyse it no longer.

The EWJR in S

More will appear in due course, but don’t hold you breath!

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