Number 13

In 1903, the EWJR took delivery of a new locomotive for “express passenger” work, a 2-4-0 with 6′ driving wheels and a very pleasing outline. Despite the 2-4-0T locos and 0-6-0s numbers 10-12 being delivered in lined red, this engine arrived in blue! It was, by all accounts, the most free-running loco the railway had, and popular with the men, but truth be told the 0-6-0s were perfectly capable of handling all of the traffic and far more versatile, so it became a singleton and was not repeated. The design was basically that by William Kirtley for the Hull and Barnsley (itself derived from LCDR practice) fitted with a Belpaire boiler: no general arrangement was produced for the alterations. It introduced Stephenson link motion to the railway.

Number 13 on Stratford turntable, 1903-1908

The turntable was relocated and replaced with a larger one in 1908, hence the dating, as the SMJR was created from 1st January 1909 and the loco received a new ownership plate. Note the slotted signal post in the background.

Only two more 2-4-0s were built for British railways after this, both for the North Staffordshire Railway: the EWJR even managed to miss out on being last at something!

Although allocated LMS number 290, number 13 was withdrawn due to boiler condition in 1924 without being renumbered: the valve gear and cylinders were suitable as spares for 14-16.

The photograph below, from a Frank Moore postcard, is believed to have been taken by the LMS at Saltney, possibly prior to scrapping.

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