Numbers 14-16

Being in a position to order more motive power, the EWJR again returned to BP for outside framed 0-6-0s in 1903, 1905 and 1906.

The engines delivered were an updated version of those which went before, but with Belpaire fireboxes, straight footplates and 4’9″ wheels. Following on from number 13, these were also delivered in blue. Cylinders and motion were the same as for the 2-4-0, as was for the most part the boiler and firebox. These locos were not fitted with air brakes, being vacuum only, and allowed the displacement of the DX goods on through goods trains: at least on paper. (I suspect that nos 10-12 had already taken a share of this!)

EWJR Number 14 in SMJR days

Number 16 ran for 9 years from 1910 with Isaacson valve gear (see 17 and 18) but was returned to Stephenson’s link four years before the Grouping. All three passed to the LMS, being allocated 2307-9, and lasted until 1926, 1924 and 1926 respectively. Although there is no photographic proof (yet!) that 15 was renumbered, it was quoted as 2308 in LMS instructions from October 1923: 10 and 13 were not so quoted.

The following photos of numbers 14 and 15 were taken on the same day in 1922 by an unknown photographer, and fortunately from opposite sides.

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