Numbers 17 and 18

The last two new locomotives ordered by the EWJR caused a little embarrassment, as the EWJR found itself unable to pay for them! However, the financial reconstruction of the EWJR in 1908 to incorporate the ERS and StMJR (all three companies were predominantly owned by the same people) into a new company called the Stratford and Midland Junction Railway enabled the SMJR to pay in full in January 1909, and the locomotives entered straight into SMJR stock. They were similar to numbers 14-16, but differed in having Isaacson’s valve gear, larger cylinders and a larger boiler – thus denying the SMJR the benefits of 5 locomotives of identical design! Not only that, but there was trouble with the valve gear initially, but after attention from the makers, it was possible to claim a 15% saving of coal.They were delivered in the new livery of black, lined yellow-green-yellow.

SMJR Number 18 at Stratford

Both engines lasted into LMS days, being withdrawn in 1925 as 2310 and 1927 as 2311 respectively.

Number 18 was photographed by the LMS at Saltney, along with Number 13, and appeared on a Frank Moore postcard:

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