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Rubbing Shoulders

Constructive Fallacy of the Secondary Activity – or, perhaps, The Delusion of Mastery through Proximity.

Whilst making breakfast this morning, I had BBC Radio 4 burbling away in the background, as is my wont. There is a lovely 10 minute programme called, “A Point of View” which has a variety of presenters putting across, well, a variety of points of view.

Today’s episode was called “The Football Fallacy” and was presented by an American, Adam Gopnik . To quote directly from the BBC website, he “explains why the English are better at watching football than they are playing it and why the Americans are better at talking about democracy than they are at practising it.”

He also went on to explain why the French, a great literary nation, currently produce no readable great literature, and so on.

The extension of this to our hobby, particularly on the various web forums where there are a lot more posts about talking than doing (and yes, I can and do include myself in this criticism) is a simple matter, but it does occur to me that most blogs are about doing.

Web forums: The Delusion of Mastery through Proximity.

Addendum: My thanks to Michael L for emailing me with a link to the programmes’s transcript.