4 thoughts on “Is our hobby a creative art form?

  1. teigl

    That’s an interesting quote and one that I didn’t know of. I do think that the meaning of the word is perhaps beginning to be warped of late…to be creative these days is to do something above, beyond and out of the normal parameters, as in “creative accounting” etc. Yet for model making it still remains accurate, because it is a great accomplishment to model something accurately, yet you have to go above the level of detail to achieve something that conveys real truth and breathes life into your model. Then there are the folk who don’t model all that well, but because of the great love they have for their subject, they make something really special, because somehow, indefinably, that comes over in their work. So thanks for the quote, and for making me think for a few minutes…even if there is now a pile of sawdust where my brain-cogs have been turning 🙂

  2. Dunks Post author

    Thank you, Iain, for those thoughtful words.

    “Love of subject matter” is really what makes me think someone has done a good job in their modelling, and care in execution is one of the ways that it is expressed. To be creative is to create something, obviously, but I would say, “something more“. It is not enough (or even necessary) to simply replicate everything to the finest detail. That is a technical skill, a skill which needs the warmth that comes from a love of subject matter to translate it into creativity. As such, I think you are spot on when you say that the word creative has come to mean “something above, beyond and out of the normal” even if you don’t want it to become warped by being used to qualify accounting practices of dubious moral virtue! I am with you on that.

    I talk about this in the sidebar, under the (“Pretentious? Moi?”) title “Finescale with feeling”. If I had found the John Updike quote sooner, I might not have bothered with the blog, as I feel he has made a very good job of summarising what I want to say! But I shall continue: the topic is worthy of expansion, I feel.


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