Numbers 10 to 12

In 1895, the EWJR was in a position to order a new 0-6-0 locomotive from Beyer, Peacock and returned to the successful pattern of number 4, albeit now fitted with the automatic vacuum brake as well as the Westinghouse airbrake (all of the railways which connected to the EWJR used the automatic vauum brake). The new locomotive became number 10, and interestingly had a number plate which included a statement of ownership. Two more locos, 11 and 12, followed in 1896 and 1900 respectively. The boiler barrels were slightly shorter and had fewer tubes, the wheels had thicker tyres, but apart from the vacuum ejector and pipes, the trio looked the same as number 4. This is the first real degree of standardisation seen on the EWJR; once number 4 was dual fitted later on in its life, there were 4 all but identical locomotives in operation. Indications are that they were delivered in crimson lake lined as per the Midland Railway, and repainted into standard SMJR black upon the merger, or in the years leading up to it.

Number 10 in EWJR days, shunting at Stratford

Number 10 must have seen some heavy use, as it was laid aside in 1914, but the money raised from the sale of numbers 5 and 6 meant that a new boiler, cylinders and wheels could be purchased – under wartime government control of the railways, a new locomotive was unlikely to be forthcoming. Number 10 returned to traffic in 1917, having been omitted from the stock returns for the previous 3 years.

Under the LMS, they were allocated the numbers 2304-6, number 11 being the first SMJR engine to be renumbered (September 1923) during an overhaul at Derby when slight modifications were made to allow for the fitting of standard MR parts where possible. Number 10 was condemned in April 1924 (must have been a popular loco and worked into the ground!) without receiving its LMS number, and provided spare parts for numbers 2, 3, 4, 11 and 12. 11 and 12, as 2305 and 2306, were renumbered 2398/9 in 1927, and both lasted until 1930.

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