Numbers 3 and 4

Following the apparent success of number 2, the EWJR purchased two more six-coupled tender locos of a similar outline, but with wheels of 5′ diameter, and altered dimensions.

Number 3, like number 2 before it, was intended for freight traffic and was delivered without continuous brakes, but number 4 had the Westinghouse air brake fitted from new, suggesting it was intended for use on passenger trains.

Number 3 circa 1900 – note the E&W plates, plus number plate

Number 4 as delivered – no E&W or number plate, just a brass number on the cabside

Number 4 served as the “template” for numbers 10-12, later on.

In 1904, number 3 was reboilered with a Belpaire firebox, which also involved a new cab spectacle plate and it was fitted with vacuum brakes.

Number 3 as rebuilt, EWJR days 1904-1908

Both engines were put up for sale in 1908, and number 3 was put on the “duplicate” list as 03 until 1913, but despite this they both survived into LMS ownership as 2301 and 2302 (renumbered 2397 in 1927). 2301 went in 1924, but 2397 in 1929.

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