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In a round-robin Email between a small group of friends (whom I like to think of as “The Unusual Suspects”) Matt LaChance, not even speaking in his mother tongue, came out with several superb insights, not least of which was this:

I’m still looking for my personal approach to this [for the] Temiscouata project even though I know deep inside all the key ingredients are there. Making a good layout right now would be easy, but making it a special layout with personality, that is something else. I have a blurry vision in my mind, I can almost feel on my neck the slightly chilly wind that sweep the St. John’s River valley, but have yet to translate it on the canvas.

Now, isn’t that a grand, poetic way to view the creation of a Model Railway?

That’s my emphasis, but what a great phrase, “a special layout with personality”.

When you think about it, isn’t that what precisely (and yet indefinably) defines a great layout?

Physics Room 101

Well, it has been a while since I posted, but I have had little to say – I hope I have done it eloquently.

Anyway, I have been assembling L-girders, cutting sub road-bed, and generally making noise playing with power tools. More will come along soon enough, once glue has dried and my ideas have been proven.

Today, however, was an opportunity for a (not so) gentle reminder of basic physics, involving an over-hanging L-girder rigidly if indirectly fixed to the wall as the immovable object, my body as the irresistable force*, and my forehead as the active participant in the lesson.


I’ll say this: as we’ll as being simple, quick and effective, L-girders are very robust…

* Someone, somewhere, must find it so…